How to Prolong the Life of Your iPhone

The word is very sick and no one can tell when it can completely recover. Because of this global crisis, a lot of people are losing their jobs, making our possessions more valuable. Yes, we should value what we have now as money is not pouring anymore. It might be harder before to earn, but without a doubt, it is becoming a struggle now. This is why you should make sure to protect and take care of your things for them to last and for you to not need spending money buying for a replacement. 

Like for example when it comes to your phone, like maybe if you are using an iPhone, you must at all cost take good care of it as we all know how expensive this type of mobile phone is. Yes, and at the same time, we also know how expensive it is for the services of iphone repair kuala lumpur. 

So, how can you prolong the life of your phone? You might think that what you’re doing right now is okay, that you are not doing anything that might damage your phone. Well, that might be the case as well. But just to be sure, here are some tips you can refer to:

Boost the battery

The battery is the gasoline of the phone. The moment it is depleted, you have to charge it. Yes, it should be only when the phone is down to 20% or less. And when you charge your phone, as much as possible, you should not use it. This should also be the time to give your phone a rest. 

Another thing, when charging your phone, don’t wait until it is 100%. Instead, you can plug it off once it is already in 98%. 

Use screen protector

It is said that the most common damage of a phone is when the screen is cracked because of a fall or maybe because it is accidentally hit by a sharp objects. However, the screen of your phone will have better chances of surviving if it is covered with a screen protector. Even with a hard fall, it might still be recovered if you send it to an accredited service center at once. 

Clean your phone

Because of the fact that you are always bringing your phone with you, and maybe lay it down everywhere, it is expected to be really dirty. The different bacteria in your phone can damage it for sure. Not only that, it is also risky for you, considering you are bring that device wherever you do and sometimes, you will also put that near your mouth or ear like when you are making a call. 

Yes, everything is now becoming valuable, even those less expensive ones, considering it is not easy to earn money these days and considering the unemployment rate is increasing. This is why, you should do your best to take care of your things. 

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